Dr. Keith Lewin

Professor of International Development and Education, University of Sussex

Senior Technical Advisor, African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

Keith Lewin is the Emeritus Professor of International Development and Education at the University of Sussex. He has worked extensively on education and development in Asia and Africa for over 45 years for the World Bank, UNICEF and UNESCO, DFID and several other bi-lateral agencies, and has  coordinated many multi-country research projects. Until recently he was director of the UK DFID funded Research Centre on Educational Access and Equity and Research advisor to the Government of India’s RMSA programme to universalise access to secondary education.

He is currently a Senior Technical Advisor to the African Development Bank Group (AfDB). His publications include more than 200 books, journal articles and technical reports. He has supervised over 50 PhD students and founded the Sussex international Master programme 40 years ago. He is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences and a Chartered Physicist, and is Chair of the Trustees of the UK Forum for International Education and Training.